Frequently Asked Questions

If you need twenty computers/tablets for one day, week or longer, for training, seminars, conventions, or special tasks, it is far more cost effective to rent.

At this stage only Android, Samsung.

Dial-A-PC offers a professional hassle free service from basic to top of the range clean computers.  All of the rental computers have tested components and are freshly installed with a genuine Microsoft (with rental rights) activated Windows operating system with the latest service packs loaded, updated anti virus and are ready for use.

We regard ourselves as the AVIS of the computer industry; you rent a number of computers for a specific task and return it when finished. There is no point in renting a motor vehicle for a long period of time but in an emergency it is good to know where to go.

With desktop computers, notebooks and projectors, one day (24 hours).

If you are a first time customer, you must fill in our customer application form under "contact us". Please indicate if there are any judgments on your name prior to us having to find out. Due to large scale fraud, identity theft and absconding that have taken place recently, individuals will need to supply basic FICA documentation as well. Once we are happy with your details, you will be sent a quote on your requirements, this quote must be signed and emailed back to us, whereupon we will confirm the order and the quote will then become the rental contract.

All rentals are payable in advance. Delivery will only take place, or collections allowed once there is confirmation that the money is reflected in the bank account. We have had to implement this strict policy due the the excessive bad debt in recent times. If you are a long standing existing customer, we can come to an arrangement.

All the desktop computers are insured by Dial-a-PC against accidental damage, fire and theft.

We do not offer upfront  insurance on our notebooks, tablets and projectors, here Dial-a-Pc needs to determine the risks involved first, before considering. Cable locks are always supplied with all our notebooks, and these need to be implemented.

Our computers are also not insured if transported by a third party or courier company, but they will normally include insurance in their transport costs. If your computer is stolen due to negligence  (left unattended and unsecured) your claim may be rejected. There is an excess of R 1500.00 per computer/item claimed, which will be for your account. Notebooks have a larger excess if covered by us.

Please note, if equipment is stolen and not insured by us, you are still responsible for the ongoing rental until its replacement value has been received.

A genuine Microsoft Windows with a Microsoft Rental rights License operating system will be loaded and activated on your computer . Any Office can also be installed on request but at an additional cost under Microsoft SPLA agreement valid for 30 days.

With large volumes, it is advisable to give as much notice as possible to prepare and test the computers. Generally we have stock to help most emergencies, but at least 3 days notice  for large orders ( 3-5 computers)  and 7 days for ( 6 - 30+ computers) notice is advisable.

Advice from out technicians is at hand on setting the computer up. Advice on specific software packages will be limited. Help relating to operating systems will be given to enable you set your computer up but our technicians cannot give you training.

We have LTE routers that will allow you to connect to the Web via a local service provider,  we recommend Vodacom as they presently have the best coverage.   By using one of our LTE routers you can link a number computers , up to 32 on a LTE Router. There is no guarantee of good coverage, it can vary from room to room. It is always advisable to test reception prior to renting LTE routers. (you can do this with your smart Phone).

We will load the data bundle for you, typically 2 gig, and if, at the end of the rental contract, there is still data left, the sim card must unfortunately be returned as it is RICA registered to us. Any remaining part of the data bundle, cannot be refunded.  You may use your own sim card in our modems if you wish.

As service providers are a third party, we can not be held liable for poor connections, downtime, no coverage etc. There can be no refund if you are unable to connect. Please make sure you do have a good connection in the area you will be working prior to using 3G or LTE (check the location with your smart phone).

If a customer wants the computers to be in a peer to peer network the workshop will set them up accordingly and supply all the fly leads,  hubs and routers if all the computers are in one room, at a minimal charge. We can use one of our LTE routers for connecting a number of computers , 32 per router, wifi.

Where we can Dial-A-PC will try to accommodate any request with regard to special display cards, extra memory, video splitter boxes, storage drives etc. The filming industry is a sector that has unusual and unique requirements and we are usually able to assist.

A quick phone call to the workshop and the workshop manager will take note of the request and on collection the technician will be aware of the broken seal on the box.

Our policy that the customer is always right applies at all times and the suspect PC will immediately be swopped out with a replacement.

If after swapping out a PC, the problem persists, the grey areas, where problems cannot be pinpointed to either hardware or software, will quickly be ironed out by swopping out the PC.

On return to the workshop all computers are quarantined , re-partitioned and re-formatted to protect your privacy and confidentiality and to protect Dial-A-PC from possible virus infections.

Dial-A-PC cannot be held liable for the accidental loss of data no matter how it occurs. Loss of data can be caused due to fire, theft, mechanical failure, virus infections, or personal intervention and we always advise customers to make regular backups of their data, as is normal practice in the IT industry.

Because the operating system and software is registered to a particular machine, it may not be reloaded on another computer and the client is thus responsible for this los as well if not insured.

As all our computers are re-partioned and formatted, they are virus free. Dial-A-PC installs a licensed virus package, AVIRA. It is recommended that you keep it updated if you are at risk. Feel free to disable it if it clashes with your software or you feel it is not required.

Sometimes arriving at a location, clients expect twenty computers to all run off one electrical socket which will cause an overload. Finding enough electrical points is one of our most common problems. Leads and sockets are the clients responsibility as each location differs. On arriving at a site, if the location has not been prepared, and out technicians are expected to carry around desks and chairs, we do not mind helping out, but this is sometimes abused and we can bill you for our time.

During transport, vibrations often dislodge components or if excessive shock occurs, may even make it unusable. This is why after delivering the computers our technicians are instructed to plug them in and confirm they are operational. You must be aware of these limitations and have extra machines for this possible eventuality, as we are no longer able to offer our two-hour turn around time at a remote location.

You must courier it back to us and we will send one back to you, the courier cost will be for your account.

If you collect the equipment yourself, you will save yourself a delivery fee, but be aware of the problems as mentioned above. If you are unable to set the equipment up at your location and we have to come help you, we are entitled to charge a delivery fee.

This option can be arranged and negotiated beforehand.